At Blackwood & Locke we guarantee that all our products are made from responsibly sourced timber. We insist that all our suppliers stock FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) graded woods. The majority of our Sports Boxes and Gun Chests are made entirely of solid wood and the fittings of the finest solid brass.

We do on occasions use veneers when it is simply not practical to use solid timber. Other companies regularly use MDF and Plywood veneers to save themselves time and money: however, we know that our clients appreciate quality and expect only the best materials and finest craftsmanship when investing in a piece that will last several lifetimes.

In order to match our client’s gun and rifle stocks the majority of our Gun Chests are made of Walnut. Oak is a popular alternative to Walnut as it is both durable and attractive. Within the drawers we can combine contrasting hardwoods to make your gun chest luxuriously stylish and unique.